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Welcome to the World of Veles.

Dead Throne is a bold new board game that brings adventure, fantasy, player vs player and open world gameplay together. With Competitive, Solo and Co-Op modes to choose from it is a game for all. Set within a deep world, comprising over 2,400 years of history to explore, Dead Throne is a game like no other. With three ways to win, multiple side quests, open world gameplay, traps, magic, the ability to simply roam around killing things and a vast amount of options and tactics to implement, Dead Throne will keep you coming back for another round. Dead Throne opens up your world and allows you to be the masters of your own game. You make each game unique as you adapt your strategies for each new game set up. No game is ever the same as you explore a new world each time. Designed to be organised and fluid from the beginning and for all levels of experience, this is a game for the whole family to enjoy as well as long time gamers.

You have never played a game quite like this one.

Enemy Cards
Enemy Cards
Items and more
Items and more

Reviews, Interviews and Feedback


Stretch Goals

  • KickStarter Exclusives consist of unique cards within the decks. These cards will never be seen again in future prints. We will also be offering a KickStarter exclusive castle tile to all of our backers already.
  • Each language pack includes the cost of translating the game, as well as the cost to produce 100 copies. If we need more however it will not be an issue. We will translate the rule book and the cards as nothing else is needed. After the campaign is over the language packs have been unlocked we will send out a survey asking you what language you require. There will not be any additional cost on your part for changing language. If we happen to not unlock the language packs then we will be offering a digital translation of the rule book which will be available as a free download on our website.


Dead Throne is a large, well balanced game with hundreds of cards and beautiful, very detailed tiles to explore on your travels. The core game is very much open to many more scenarios that you yourself can build at home with no further components needed. The purpose of this campaign has been to build this amazing and unique game. We will however, in the future build a follow up campaign with the focus of introducing many expansion packs, add ons, many miniatures, scenery miniatures, creatures, items and many more. All backers who of this campaign who pledge for any of the core box pledges will receive great discounts on all of those to come. If languages aren't unlocked on this campaign then the future campaign will focus on them too and offer them (cards only) to all core box supporters of this campaign for free should they choose them.

Dead Throne is massive and full of excitement already. We cannot wait for you to play :)


 -- The Mechanical Market

The Mechanical Market has been built to promote the game's fluidity and to maximise the organisation of the cards. Already built and assembled within the lid by the manufacturer, as soon as you receive the game you're ready to go.


The mechanical market is assembled with 5 layers of high density cardboard. Each layer serves a unique purpose and each function seamlessly together within the lid and under the market cover. 

  • Already assembled by our manufacturers.  
  • Built within the lid to organise the market. 
  • Market cards stay within it when packed away. 
  • Locks away by sliding up the lever and opens with ease by sliding the lever down. 
  • Propped up behind the base during gameplay.
  • Tested in its durability hundreds of times, you can be certain that it is built to last.

What's in the Box?


You can find all our gameplay videos and the rule book on our website here.

-- Objective

There are three ways of winning Dead Throne as well as multiple challenges and side quests.

  • Collect all the unique items held by other players and return to the castle before being caught by your opponents.
  • Defeat every other player to become the last player standing.
  • Defeat Agrimor, a fire breathing dragon, to collect the king's crown and return to the castle to win.

-- Box and Game set up

  • 10, double sided, large hexagonal tiles make up the map.
  • 5min or less set up time and pack away time.
  • New game each time with different map set up.
  • Everything organised within the box already.

-- Moving and Interacting

  • Two custom, six sided dice to move with.
  • Land when you choose to, or when you reach your limit.
  • Use magical scrolls to teleport, carriage-men to travel between towns relics and more to quickly navigate the map.
  • Interact with whatever you land on.
  • Each region offers unique rewards and challenges.

-- Battles

  • Between two or more players.
  • Battle creatures you find around the land.
  • Defeat creatures by inflicting more damage onto them than they did to you.
  • Defeat players by taking all their health down. 
  • You can end a battle by fleeing or calling a truce.
  • Join ongoing battles between other players.
  • Those in a battle or in the market do so in their own bubble when there are 4 or more players. Other players keep playing around them as normal so they don't have to wait.
  • Use magical scrolls to summon creatures to your aid, increase your weapons power, conjure new weapons, block opponents' attacks and much more.
  • Use weapons and armour you find around Lirennor in battle. As you progress you will become more powerful by equipping stronger items.
  • Combine items together to create weapon combos.

-- Traps and Quests

  • Trap your opponents throughout the gameplay with upgradable and hidden traps that are scattered around the land.
  • Tackle side quests to receive their rewards. Some quests are for all to compete for so you must be quick unless you want your opponents to get that ancient and powerful weapon.

-- Solo Play

  • Four ways of winning during the solo version. 
  • Play as one of the six heroes, Saladar doesn't play. 
  • The dragon, Agrimor is constantly getting stronger and chasing you. 
  • 1) Defeat creatures and progress depending on their level. 
  • 2) Complete quests to progress. 
  • 3) Get half way on both challenges. 
  • 4) Defeat Agrimor and collect the crown of the king, then return it to the castle.


There are over 500 cards within Dead Throne. From the beginning they are all organised within tuck boxes or the market. Each region will have its own deck and all items can be organised with the card tray (currently a stretch goal).

-- Creatures/Enemies

  • Most enemies have an element in the top left corner: Earth, Fire or Water.
  • Level on the top right.
  • Attack (left) and defence (right) on the bottom.
  • Some enemies offer a reward for defeating them. You will also receive coin which is equal to their level.
  • Each enemy's background reflects the region they are found in.
  • Each enemy features unique artwork.
  • Most enemies have a sample of the history of Veles in their description boxes.

-- Items

  • Items will show their level, buy and sell prices and depending on the item either what attack, defence or armour they offer, if they do at all.
  • Weapons will also display what item they combine to create a combo weapon with both an attack and a defence.
  • Armor card's are horizontal to work with the card trays.
  • Each cards background will be relevant to the region it was found in.

-- Scrolls

  • 150 known magical scrolls.
  • Used to increase your attack and defense, mitigate your opponents' attacks, heal yourself or others, summon creatures, conjure weapons, enchant items, teleport around the land and even flip and twist map tiles around.
  • Start with three and obtain more to become more powerful.
  • Constantly discarding and replacing so you never know what you or your opponents might have.

-- Relics and Ring Rocks

-- Merchants and Mages

-- Character Cards

  • Seven characters within the game.
  • Each with their own starting equipment, unique skills and hand attack and defence.
  • Each card will display the character's unique starting equipment on the back.


There are seven characters within Dead Throne. Each one its own miniature.

Grey in colour for you to add your own awesome art to it. Made from durable plastics to last. 6cm tall. Beautiful design. Will replace the character pawns when the stretch goal is unlocked.

The Card Tray

The card tray has been designed to manage your inventory of items. Each type of item has its own place allowing you to visualise and manage your cards within a smaller space. They have been designed to be half the size of a map tile allowing them to fit into each space seamlessly.


  • Three coins make up the currency of the game.
  • 50 x 1 coin
  • 50 x 5 coin
  • 30 x 10 coin
  • Three, double sided health tokens will allow you to heal yourself throughout gameplay. You will also be able to inflict direct damage on to your opponents.
  • 15 x 2 health/1 damage
  • 20 x 5 health/ 2 damage
  • 20 x 10 health/ 3 damage
  • All are made from 1.5mm thick punchboards to prevent your money from being blown about.


The tiles will make up the map. Each modular and unique, every game will be unique. During the campaign we will be offering a KickStarter Exclusive castle tile to all of our backers.

Connected Tiles
Connected Tiles
Final Tile Art for Eritown
Final Tile Art for Eritown
  • Each of the 10 tiles will have their own unique art and features.
  • Large and beautifully detailed to immerse yourself within Lirennor.
  • 24.5cm from side to side.
  • 10, double sided, hexagonal tiles make up the map.
  • Can be connected in any way you like allowing for a new game each time.
  • Multiple paths to take, choices to make and features to interact with can be found on each tile. Traps are hidden and some quests direct you to specific locations found around the map.
  • Four different regions, each with their own level of difficulty and reward.
  • Each region has its own style, featuring lakes, mountains, fields and forests.
  • Tiles can be flipped over and twisted around, even during gameplay with the use of magical scrolls.

The Dead Throne box

With extra room for future expansion packs
With extra room for future expansion packs
Box and Market set up
Box and Market set up
  • 50.1 x 36.5 x 5.2cm in size.
  • Built with a focus on organisation in mind.
  • Everything is contained within its own compartments from the beginning allowing for quick set up time and quick pack away time.
  • All the cards are held within tuck boxes, and the awesome mechanical market held within the lid will lock to make sure no cards fall out.
  • Tokens and other pieces are held within their compartments so that they don't move about either.
  • The box can already accommodate future expansion packs so that you won't have to deal with multiple boxes for the same game.
  • The box has been designed to work with the gameplay rather than just be put aside. Everything works together, both within the game, and between the box and the game, for an awesome playing experience.

The World of Veles

Dead Throne is played within the southern kingdom of Lirennor.

The map of Veles
The map of Veles

You can download a high resolution version of the above map for free here. It is a 101mb size file, 10,800x7200 pixels, which is ideal for an awesome poster.

You can see the full timeline on our website here.

Over 2,400 years of recorded history completes what we know of the world of Veles.

The Darkness is the only word used to describe what happened before our earliest record. Today it is 2410 ATD (after The Darkness) and the Kingdom of Lirennor has seen better times.

- The first significant note in recorded history is in the year 120 ATD. Magic pouring out from the ground and in all things born from nature. The Jinn were the first creatures who used magic and it wasn’t long before mankind began using the Jinn and focusing and learning the magical ways. These first were known as the enchanters.

- In 701 ATD the Kingdom of Lirennor is founded by King Terrowin. He was known as a great leader and conqueror.

- In 934 the enchanters were banished for causing massive earthquakes and destroying the land in their experiments with the new environmental scrolls. Thirty-one years later the mages took their oath. They vowed to protect and serve mankind against creatures and humans who sought nothing but chaos.

- 1250 ATD marks the year of the discovery of the great gold mines in Stonesea, a region of Lirennor. Lirennor becomes rich and powerful, but this wealth comes at a cost.

- In 1711 some of the mages are banished from the council as evidence of them turning dark spreads fear of The Darkness returning. Following this, many of the exiled mages turn to necromancy. They summon an army of undead and attack the Kingdom of Eirwen.

- 1824 ATD was a year of death. It was the height of the hunt for dark mages requested by the people. People from all the Kingdoms were rounded up and executed if they were suspected of practicing magic. The mages' council carried out these executions and although sanctioned in the beginning the people quickly began to distrust them. The final straw was of the execution of Gwen Hildegard, beloved princess of Lirennor. The mages became the official heads of police and abused their new power. It wasn’t long before the people responded with violence. And in 1915 the mages move their great library of scrolls away from the people who they feared. Tensions continue to rise, attacks by exiled mages and the people on the mages' council take place and in 1951 the council close their doors.

- In 1970 ATD the Fable Wars begin. The mages declare war on all the Kingdoms of Veles trying to take power for themselves. After many defeats Veles finally push back under the command of General Lothean. The mages are banished to Blood Stained Mountain and unheard from again for over 100 years.

- In 2085 the mages return. For years they have been building an army of undead that they use to desimate the Kingdoms of Veles. Only Lirennor remains but not for long. Gwiladith was an explorer and hero. She entered Blood Stained Mountain in 2098 and destroyed the source of the power controlling the undead army. The Battle of the Iron Gates ends with the death of the mages and Veles is finally free from evil. But not for long. Agrimor, a gold thirsty dragon enters Lirennor after the gold in the mines in 2312 and nothing is ever the same again.

The Characters

Born in Eirwen in 2378, he was raised on a farm. At the age of five his lands were attacked by goblins leaving him the sole survivor. He spent the next 10 years alone and wandering in the mountains. He grew strong and brave and handy with a weapon. In 2400 he was noticed by a militia. They recruited him and trained him with more weapons until an elite warrior emerged.

 A merchant. Born in 2385 in Perun. She gathered a great reputation by sailing and trading with the unknown peoples in the East. She brought back artefacts never before seen by the people of Veles. Her reputation spread and her abilities as a merchant allow her to sell items (not scrolls or traps) at their buy price.

Born in Eirwen in 2365 Aaron grew around metal. His ancestors were the Iron Wielders of the Madoc Twins war. Secrets have been handed down through the generation that most have forgotten. He’s a smithy by trade and any weapon he uses can never break.

Born in Lirennor in 2389 near the castle. She was left by her mother at the age of three. Frightened and alone she stumbled upon a group of thieves who raised her. Her adopted father trained her in stealth and theft. When she was 16 a raid took place on her home. Her father was arrested and never seen again. She managed to escape but was yet again alone. Tired and hungry she snuck into a traveling circus for some food but was spotted before she collapsed of exhaustion. As luck would have it she found another family. Her skills were put to good use in acrobatics.

Born into a rich family in 2386 on the outskirts of Heilwen he learned to carry himself in a respectable manner. At a young age his father installed him in the family's business at their winery. He started as a barman serving drinks to visitors from all over. He learned how to manipulate people into giving him a significant tip and at the age of 23 he bought his own bar. A ladies' man and a night owl he does well on his feet. He still uses his tip collecting skills when completing quests and is well respected around Lirennor.

Taniel's early history is unknown. She was raised by goblins in a cave never to see the light of day. They used her as a cook and punished her for any lack of flavour. The caves never provided much in the way of ingredients and so she learned to cook with whatever she could find. Rats, toads, creatures of the night. One day she stumbled upon a way to escape. She ignited the cave in a ball of flames killing all the goblins. Away from the cave she found a whole new world of ingredients and recipes. Her imagination ran wild and she soon began to sell food on the street. Eventually she found a job as a chef giving that restaurant a reputation that spread across Veles.

He was born a prince. Brother to the late king, his place was in the castle. But desire for power led to the fall of Lirennor, the abandonment of the castle and the death of the King and the Throne. Born in 2281 in the Castle of Lirennor he was loved by all. But unknown to all he harbored resentment for his brother, the King, jealousy of his brother's wife and belittlement as the young prince. At the age of 20 he began his journey in secret of discovering the ways of the dark mages defeated over 200 years before. Bit by bit he learned the power of the old scrolls, the ways and thoughts of the old mages and The Darkness that was once vanquished returns into his heart. When Agrimor the dragon threatened the lands of Lirennor the King took it upon himself to defeat it. Armed and powerful there was no question he would bring victory. But as he dined with his family one last time, his brother's plans were coming true. Poisoned and weak the King set off to meet his fate. Saladar tried seizing power, but luckily for the Kingdom he was oblivious to the protection spell Gwiladith installed onto the throne after the Battle of the Iron Gates. Banished from the castle the throne remained dead. The Region Stones scattered and the Kingdom silent. Saladar spent the next 100 years collecting the Region Stones and gaining control over them. The castle and the throne were not his, but the Regions had fallen to his dark ways.


The timeline below is an estimation based on information collected and assessed. Incorporated is a small buffer to account for possible delays. For every moment of the journey we will be there and updating you as we progress. We will aim to deliver your reward to you as early as possible but will not sacrifice quality to accomplish this.

Cost Breakdown

On the basis of our quotes and factoring in the 1,000 min unit requirement set by the manufacturer, above is a breakdown of the costs associated with producing the game. Various buffers and other fees are also included into the campaign goal. We have also been able to invest our own capital in order to keep the campaign goal as low as possible and covering part of the total cost of producing the game. 

Who's involved?


- Shayan Nejad - Product design, gameplay and story development.

- Keeyan Nejad - Web and gameplay development.

- Kaveh Nejad - Story, objectives and gameplay development.

Artists: (in no particular order)

- Paul Mudie - Cards, box, tokens and health board illustrations

- Alex Pereira, Spectoys - 3D character models

- Augustinas Raginskis - Veles map and tiles


- Long Pack Games

- China Synergy Group

Who are we?


First Edition

As an exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign, all units will all have the First Edition symbol on the box. Any units printed after the campaign will not feature this unique symbol.


  • Free customs worldwide included in each pledge.
  • FREE SHIPPING included in your pledge. 

Any customs will have already been handled by us allowing for friendly shipping to all destinations. Individual shipping costs have also been handled for most countries (E.U., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more) offering free shipping to those countries. Countries with free shipping are: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, E.U., American Samoa, Solomon Islands, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Northern Mariana Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, Indonesia, India, Japan, Kiribati, South Korea, Laos, Mexico, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Niue, Vanuatu, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Macao, Marshal Islands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, Taiwan, Vietnam, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Samoa, Hong Kong. 

Costs for countries without free shipping is an extra £25 (~$34).

- We will freight our games in bulk to North America, E.U., Australia and Hong Kong. From then on our fulfillment partners will dispatch each individual game to our backers' given addresses around the world. Given how shipping times will vary from location to location we must apologize that some backers will receive their reward later than others. However we won't stop until each and every backer receives their just reward.

- In the unlikely event that damage occurs or shipments are lost we will handle everything. Getting your reward into your hands is our priority :)


SharkeeGames Ltd. reserves all rights to Dead Throne the board game. Including all art, illustrations, rules and designs.

Available Rewards:

£90GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne Box

1 copy of the Dead Throne Box.
All the necessary components of the game with extra compartments for future expansion packs + all stretch goals.
Includes free shipping to EU, CAN, U.S.A., AU, NZ and many more.


  • Dead Throne
£160GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne Gift Pack

2 copies of the Dead Throne Box at a lower cost per box.
All the necessary components of the game with extra compartments for future expansion packs + all stretch goals.
Includes free shipping to EU, CAN, U.S.A., AU, NZ and many more.


  • Dead Throne
£270GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne LIGHT retail pack

5 copies of the Dead Throne Box at a lower cost per game. Perfect for independent retailers.
All the necessary components of the game with extra compartments for future expansion packs + all stretch goals.
Includes free shipping to EU, CAN, U.S.A., AU, NZ and many more.


  • Dead Throne
£540GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne MEDIUM retail pack

10 copies of the Dead Throne Box at a lower cost per game. Perfect for independent and large retailers.
All the necessary components of the game with extra compartments for future expansion packs + all stretch goals.
Includes free shipping to EU, CAN, U.S.A., AU, NZ and many more.


  • Dead Throne
£1,080GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne HEAVY retail pack

20 copies of the Dead Throne Box at a lower cost per game. Perfect for independent and large retailers.
All the necessary components of the game with extra compartments for future expansion packs + all stretch goals.
Includes free shipping to EU, CAN, U.S.A., AU, NZ and many more.


  • Dead Throne x20
£1,080GBP + Shipping

Dead Throne Pro Retailer

40+ copies of the Dead Throne core box as a deposit. The remaining payable prior to distribution. A minimum order of 40 games at £27 (deposit) each. For any more simply use the Retail Add On option.

Prior to distribution we will contact you with your final payment of a further £27 per game.

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